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that was pretty fucking ninja。。。

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Name:there's always money in the banana stand。

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all the gays in marvel universe, anderson 'silver fox' cooper, arashi for dream: a live orgy, arthur and eames being darlings, batman's dead parents, billy/teddy: not ambiguously gay, black spark/white spark otp, bruins canucks penguins capitals fan, canjani kan(jani) do anything, comic book stanning for life, daryl & glenn versus the walkers, down on the farm with the staals, fernando's sweat recycling hair gel, forgive my weirdness i am swedish, generation kill for staying frosty, gob and tony wonder are endgame, good ol' tom hardy party, hemingway checking out fitzgerald's penis, hockey: blood in blood out, in flower we trust, jared: the forgotten staal, malkin the megician, merlin's magical kama-sutra book, organization xii powerpuff style, owen pallett loves boyfriend management, puck in the net goes letang, rafa's unrelenting wedgie, rahm says fuck your retarded tact, real madrid for life, renly/loras: westeros' truest love, robin and sean pecknold for brotp, roger is number one in rafas heart, sengoku kaboom basara zap zap, sidney crosby loves alexander ovechkin, star trek tos & xi: boldly going, steve and russel's adventures with glamoured jason, steve/tony: fucking for peace, super dong bang shinee, warrior: tommy got robbed!!, winchesters: now with more impala
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